Behind the Greek Door

1975 appears to be the year of Clay Russell's debut into smut films.  What a debut it was.  It's reported that his first screen appearance was in a movie called Sur and he also appeared in Snowballing, Six Card Stud, and Behind the Greek Door.  
Behind the Greek Door is actually something of a play-on-title from another smut movie from three years earlier in 1972.  Behind the Green Door was a feature-length straight pornographic film that became a huge hit and remains one of the genre's classic films.  But for this gay Greek Door film, Clay Russell and Shawn Everette bed in the same room and sleep whenever Shawn isn't sucking on hairy Clay's cock, massaging his ball sack, or getting screwed by Clay from behind.  The top star may have been Shawn but Clay is the guy you can't take your eyes off of when he's in a scene.  Finally, the frat brothers take Shawn behind the Greek door for-- you'll never ever guess what---Sex!  He gets restrained, spanked and there's a wild orgy with six frat men. Clay Russell isn’t in the orgy finale.  The movie also stars Caston Lee, Stan Ridge, Ronald Murphy, David Rosen, Bruce Walton, Ronald Howard, James Monroe, and Bob Gee.

Alan Bates

He could have been as recognizable a household name as his contemporary fellow British actors Michael Caine and Sean Connery, but Alan Bates selected roles for reasons other than celebrity. Otherwise Engaged: The Life Of Alan Bates by Donald Spoto offers many details suggesting that the sexy actor known for his roles in Women In Love, The Fixer and The Entertainer was romantically involved with numerous men over the course of his life.  The photo above of Alan is said to be a late-1960s classic physique pose by onetime lover Peter Wyngarde, a noted photographer of the time.

Bates in The Fixer
It's reported that young Alan spent two years in the Royal Air Force before he joined the new English Stage Company at the Royal Court Theatre. His West End debut happened in 1956 at the age of 22. He was more than good looking.  Bates had an ability to seduce his audiences with his mannerisms and subtle gestures.  Four years later after his debut, Bates appeared in his first film The Entertainer (1960) in which he plays one of Laurence Olivier's sons. More than 50 film roles followed.  The Fixer (1968) earned an Academy Award nomination for Alan.

Bates played the madcap lead in the 1960s classic Georgy Girl. Alan spent five consecutive days filming love scenes on an uncomfortable settee, which he came to hate enough to state “I've become intimately acquainted with every broken spring in that thing. I'm as inventive as the next guy, but there are only so many ways you can use a sofa—especially one designed by the Marquis de Sade.”
Before his marriage in 1970, it's reported that the love life of Alan Bates had been a complex one, involving many sexual relationships with both women and men.  But when it came to male lovers, it seems that Alan preferred to keep his relationships in the closet as much as possible, which was typical for most men who desired a successful mainstream life and career in that era.  It's believed that his fears about being labeled a homosexual or bisexual were formed early in his life by a deeply conservative Baptist background in Derbyshire.  Good looking and charming in an unpretentious way, Bates was highly desirable boyfriend material by both sexes.  His decision to marry Victoria, a friend for several years, was made only after they discovered in 1970 that she was pregnant with twins. Their twin sons, Benedick and Tristan, were born in 1971.
Alan Bates in the legendary nude wrestling scene (with Oliver Reed) from 1969's Women in Love remains as charged today as when the film was first released.

In his 60s, Alan Bates continued to divide his time among films, theatre and television. After his death there was an outpouring of affection and respect for his work.

Hot of The Press

Hot Off the Press was a 1984 release that has an impressive list of very famous stars but unfortunately, it is standard fare in terms of that era's smut offerings.  It's basically 6 loosely connected scenes which are tied to a printer's shop.  This makes perfect sense for a porno storyline, right?  At least the title pays homage to the longstanding tradition of smut movies utilizing parody in its titles.  Some all-time favorite smut spoofs include Shaving Ryan's Privates, Forrest Hump, and Jurassic Pork.  Longtime VGMH  followers will remember our complete series on a different movie with a similar title (Printer's Devils) which is a title phrase that actually has historical reference to the printing industry.

Clay / King
In Hot Off the Press, tall dark and handsome Clay Russell plays the assistant store manager and John King plays his customer.  Horny Dennis (played by King) arrives to supposedly buy a print machine but what he's really after is the stuff inside of Clay's pants.  It's a good scene with King delivering energy and Clay giving an equally satisfying performance sucking on King's cock.  King's boyishly lean body, lustrous thick black hair, intensely dark eyes and youthful excitement made him a star that continues to shine today.   Clay's larger frame, curly hair and more muscular physique provides a good compliment and contrast.  It's fun to watch these two men having sex.
Clay / King

As mentioned, there are many well-known names in this movie.  In another scene, Michael Cummings delivers a package to Matt Ramsey.  Then the landlord (Michael Christopher) takes the shop owner (Brad Mason) for a ride. It's a shame that we didn't get a scene with Clay and Michael Christopher bonding together.   Christopher was truly talented at performing sex scenes with the camera in mind as he positioned himself for perfect shots. And least we not forget David Ashfield who was in so many movies back then.

Clay / King

Clay / King
What's telling from the movie's jacket is how prominently Clay's torso is displayed on the backside cover.  Clearly he was a hot marketing tool.  Luckily, the movie provided a gem in the form of a hardcore magazine called The Printer's Apprentice that starred Clay with Jon.  Stay tuned for more about that magazine.

Michael Christopher
The movie Hot Off the Press stars Brad Mason, Clay Russell, David Ashfield, Jon King, Matt Ramsey, Michael Christopher, Michael Cummings, Rob Wright, Robert Vega, and Trent Washington. 

Playgirl's Sexiest Men~circa 1979

Looking at this 1979 issue of Playgirl (with what we know now here in 2014) there are so many surprises with their picks as sexiest men.   Some of their selections were no doubt debatable even back then.  This was a time when men like Christopher Reeves (Superman), Neil Diamond and Warren Beatty were big-ticket hot draws in the sex appeal arena, but didn't make Playgirl's list. 
Playgirl did select some guys who would go on to dominate modern culture in many ways.  Sportsman  Ted Turner would revolutionize media and journalism.   Calvin Klein changed the American marketing of men's underwear in the 1980s and in the process helped make men sex objects in ads.  Legendary TV talk show host Johnny Carson remains the gold standard of late night shows.  Respected liberal U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy would have decades of work in support of the poor (and was one of the fourteen senators to vote against the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996).   Amazingly still going strong today in popularity are Bruce Springsteen and Jerry Brown.   Woody Allen would make many more hit movies (including this year) and would also make scandalous headlines about his personal life. 
Calvin model

O.J. Simpson made the list as they proclaimed that he had "all the right moves" in football which unfortunately would not be what he would ultimately be most-famous for.  It's reported that the jailed former football star is serving out a kidnapping, assault and robbery sentence in a Nevada prison.  Out of all of the men on Playgirl's list, it's sad that Alan Bates is not recognized today as much as he deserves to be. 

Alan Bates was a famous actor of the era.   He was knighted in January 2003 for his work.  Bates was married and fathered two sons but there were also those rumors concerning male lovers.  Bates has been reported to have had many gay relationships throughout his life, including with Nickolas Grace, Peter Wyngarde, and Olympic skater John Curry.  He passed away in 2003. Stay tuned for more about this man.

Which brings us to last but certainly never least on anybody's sexiest-men-list, Burt.  1970s sex symbol deluxe Burt Reynolds remains in a class of his own. Shown above in 1972, Burt looks like he could have easily been inspiration for many a sexual fantasy in a Tom of Finland story.

Oscar's Unspoken Relatives

One of the earliest (non-porn) spoofs was 1922's Mud and Sand.  The title plays fun at the (gay) actor Rudolph Valentino's film Blood and Sand, which was a huge hit around the globe.  Many scenes directly parody that film.  But with respect to sex, the genre of porn parody really took off with the widespread release of video smut tapes in the 1980s.  The public was familiar with these titles and rented them to take home and enjoy.  Within the industry (at least among those having a sense of humor about it all) porn spoofs started to become something of an honor if your mainstream movie received a porn spoof.  Acknowledging its Hollywood origins and public appeal, there are now adult industry publications and trade groups which give out their own awards for this genre.  Sexy teen vampire spoofs now seem to be very popular with the public.

So in honor of the Academy Awards VGMH takes a look back at porn titles that have spooffed major Hollywood movies over decades.  Care to guess how many titles were gay vs. straight?
Sick Degrees of Penetration
Buttman and Throbbin'
Gangbangs of New York
Batman in Robin
When Harry Ate Sally
Shaving Ryan's Privates
Forrest Hump
Pulp Friction
A Clockwork Orgy
White Men Can't Hump
300 Balls
Battlestar Orgasmica
Beverly Hills 9021-Ho
Missionary Impossible
On Golden Blonde
Jurassic Pork
Girlz n the Hood
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Breast
Throbbin' Hood
Hannah Does Her Sisters
King Dong
Lost in Penetration
Top Bum
Lust of the Mohicans
Schindler's Fist
Riding Miss Daisy
Good Will Humping
When Harry Ate Sally

Jur-ass-ic Park
The Rodfather
Ass Ventura: Smut Detective
ET: The Extra-Testicle
Star Whores
A Few Hard Men
A Rear and Present Danger
 Queer and Present Danger
Ally McFeel
American History XXX
Ball the President's Men
Big Trouble in Little Vagina
Charlie's Anals
Das Booty
Dawson's Crack
Enema of the State
Fatal Erection
Free Your Willy

I Know Who You Did Last Summer
Intercourse With a Vampire
In Diana Jones and the Temple of Poon
Little Oral Annie
Lawrence of a Labia
Romeo in Juliet
The Bare Bitch Project
The Joy Suck Club
Thighs Wide Shut

Lord of the G-Strings (or Whore of the Rings)
Who Reamed Roger Rabbit?
Yo Quiero Taco Smell
You've Got Tail
Edward Penishands
Scooby Doo: A Porn Parady

Sex Trek: Deep Throat Nine
Apollo 13 Inches
The Usual Sexpects
Romancing the Bone 
Sperms of Endearment 
 You've Got Male Genitalia
The French Lieutenant's Boy 
Blowjob Impossible
 Add Momma to the Train
Purple Head of Cairo

Lust and Love: The Art of Roger Payne

We kick off celebrating Valentines month with one of our favorite artists, Roger Payne.  Roger's artwork often crosses an unspoken bridge and captures two conflicting forces which are constantly at odds with modern men living in a restrictive world: Primal instincts pitted against social, financial and gender/sexual classes.
In the fantastic worlds created by Roger, no matter his social standing, uniform that his job requires him to wear, wealth or age, men are internally heart-throbbing, sweating primal beasts looking for sexual enjoyment and fulfillment.  And man's instinctive lust and desires will usually manifest themselves when given an opportunity to do so.  Or to put it another way, never underestimate the power and majesty of a rock-hard cock to level all social trappings and labels to zero.

Roger Payne's art of men engaging in intimate pleasures has made him very famous, although most fans don't know much about the man behind the images. It's reported that Roger's adult gay sketches started as a hobby in the 1970's when he was a teenager. His fantasies were sparked by the men he would see living and working all around him, and he was able to translate "everyday guys" into visions of what might happen in private, given the right opportunities. He studied at London’s St. Martin’s School of Modern Art.  For a while, Roger made a living by making historic illustrations for children’s books. Later, he was invited to work for publications like Advocate Men and Handjobs.  When the Internet came into millions of homes, his works exploded everywhere. There have been at least three collections of his art, including 2007's ROGER which have become treasured by his admirers.

Roger's work is defined by very realistic-drawn guys often in their work clothes or situations and conveys their most intimate emotions as they climax. As already noted, books have been printed that are collections of Roger's works.  The first collection included drawings which were complemented with stories about horny younger men who willingly offered themselves to the lusts of somewhat older, often very hairy and well-endowed studs.  A great deal of thought goes into his artwork.  Just look at the facial expressions of his men coupling in order to appreciate how each is experiencing the sex from their own perspective.

While it's sold out in many places, “Men by Roger" may still available in some book stores and Internet sites.  It's been reported that 3,000 copies were published.  There are no stories related to the images in this book; just ninety drawings, five of which in full color. The pages of this book are packed with hairy soldiers, sailors, construction workers, police officers, and cowboys.  

Head for the Showers (Clay Russell part four)

In these NOVA Studios scenes,  John Tower (aka Butch) and Clay Russell are playing two hotshot stars of their baseball team only they are not getting along so well after embarrassingly being thrown out of ball game practice.  Tower is pissed and blames Clay.  Exiled to the locker room while the action continues out on the field, Tower decides to show Clay where he ranks and humiliate him in the process.  He pulls down the elastic on his jock strap for Clay to suck his dick in retribution for causing him trouble out on the field.  Watching self confident Tower control Russell works in part because Russell is physically a larger man being forced into a subservient position.  Tower cums  and with lots of macho swagger in his step, goes into the shower room to wash the sent of Clay's mouth off his dick.

A frustrated Russell gets up off his knees, wipes Tower's spent sperm from his face and then follows Tower into the showers where he decides to get even and turn the tables.  Russell now becomes the dominant top jock and ends up screwing Tower on the tiled floor, but not before munching on Tower's ass first.    Both men cum and decide that good sportsmanship is best as they shake off a bad game and stay friends. Clay and Butch stand naked talk outside the shower when a handsome blonde appears with great buns. They look at each other and have the same idea as they follow this beefy booty back into the shower room. 

This appears to be from a 1977 loop titled Head for the Showers, which was later incorporated as part of 1980s Under Construction. Production values on this movie are top-notch thanks to the loving care that NOVA gave most of its films.  Butch McAlister and Clay Russell worked together several times and have a good chemistry on screen.  They appeared in the still-popular classic The Boys of Venice (in a pickup truck by the ocean).  Both men are macho in physical appearance and mannerisms with two different muscular body types that fit well together.


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