Arnaud likes being watched. In fact it's a bit of a fetish for him - knowing that someone is sitting there desperate to touch his perfect twink body. To taste his smooth skin, to worship every inch of beautiful cock and balls. But they can only watch as he satisfies every filthy desire on his own.


Remember the guys from Fratmen
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Colin Hewitt

Gabriel & Reese

Gabriel Cross loves sex. He's a total horndog who's as much at home with a dick in his ass as he is doing pretty much anything else. Add Reese Rideout who's not only one of our most experienced performers but who also knows all about how to make a guy feel good. Gabriel doesn't just suck Reese's piece, he lovingly laps up every inch with a tongue that would drive any man crazy, then takes all of that famous cock into his mouth and deep down this throat.


From Sean Cody:
Hayden has a humble, likeable personality that you can’t help but be drawn to. He’d never traveled away from home before, so the chance to come down and check out the beautiful weather and people was all he needed to get on a plane and come out for a visit.
He’s 18 and has had limited experience with both girls and guys. He’s trying to step outside of his comfort zone and explore his sexuality a little. He has a lean cut body and, for his age, a great thick stretch of hair from his balls to his chest. His bubble butt is covered with just enough fuzz too. He just graduated high school and is enrolled in college. His plans to be a neurosurgeon are already well under way.
“When was the first time you started fantasizing about guys?”
“Probably when I was about 15 years old, in junior high,” he said.
“What was the first thing that you wanted to try with a guy?”
Laughing, he said, “Fucking, definitely.”
Although he’s only been with a guy twice – and he was the top both times – I think he’All be having a good time getting to explore everything sex has to offer! 


"This week we found a hot young Cuban for your enjoyment. His name is David, he's 18 years old and str8....he's got a hot face, smooth muscular chest, rock hard bubble butt, and an uncut cock with amazing foreskin! He showed up with boxers that said, "Do You Think I Am Sexy" and there is only one answer to that questions - FUCK YES! David enjoys working out and is just starting college. He told us that he is interested in studying International Law. We are sure that whatever he goes for he will be a huge success! Enjoy his first time showing off on the internet"
This boy is so cute, I could not resist putting more pictures of him on the blog!
Este rapaz é tão giro, que não resisti a colocar mais fotos dele no blogue!

Billy Angel

Santiago Peralta

Carter & Austin

From Corbin Fisher:
It's so awesome having Austin back! And today I paired him up with freshman Carter, whose drool-worthy body rivals Austin's own muscular physique. I ask Carter how he likes CF so far and he says he's having fun.
Since Carter told us in his solo that he identifies as bi-sexual, I joke around with Austin that we know what he identifies as – a cum-hungry bottom. He laughs, but he quickly proves me right!
He aggressively kisses Carter and pulls up his shirt to get a taste of that ripped body. In between kisses, Carter's pants are suddenly gone, as is Austin's shirt. Both guys are passionately kissing each other and can't seem to stop.