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Last guy from Chaos Men 

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Triky from "Home Made Boys"

Samuel Dolce

Zac, Nikko and Jay

 When Zac Lake & Nikko Alexander had planned to play a game of basketball with some of the local guys this last weekend. But when the two decided that instead they were going to stay in the house and play a game of one on one, we had to be there to capture the action.
Instead of bouncing the basketball, the two take turns bouncing each others cocks in their mouths. Not only that, but Nikko lets Zac slide his hard pole into his ass.

Caught up in all the fun, the two had forgotten that they had invited Jay Cloud over for their game of hoops. When Jay walked in on the two them buck naked and fucking, Jay decided to join in on the fun by pulling out his young cock and feeding it to Nikko while he was getting fucked.

Esteban & Jonathan

Sean Cody wrote:
Jonathan is quite an athlete. Between filming here, traveling all over the world, and working, he still finds time to run twelve miles a day, six days a week. He’s not even training for a marathon! He just likes to run that much. Even Esteban thought that much was crazy.
The two of them had the opportunity to hang out a little before I even arrived, and when I did, I could tell that Jonathan was already developing a little crush on Esteban. I wondered how long that would last, though, once Jonathan saw the size of Esteban’s cock. Remember, Jonathan has only recently started bottoming.
I don’t know that Esteban was expecting Jonathan’s cock to be so big either. He sure didn’t mind giving it some extra oral attention once things got going. And, Jonathan didn’t mind either.
One thing I will say, I don’t think in the history of filming that I’ve ever seen so much cum on one person’s body. And you know it’s great sex when the guys being filmed completely forget you’re even there! 

Lukas Wilde

Lukas Wilde is back for his second homemade video for YouLoveJack and this horny little French-Canadian twink keeps getting hotter every time I see him! ...